“Whatever secret ingredients she uses to create music, it is definitely working for her.” – The LA Note “Nobody was expecting what was about to happen, but one thing for sure — they won’t forget it anytime soon” – Hype Fresh “She has made it abundantly clear that she has no intention of slowing down or stopping.” – The Sound Konnect “... Ladibree delivers a young, fly and flashy personality that electrifies fans and build intrigue for the heat she has on the way for a game-changing season” – MusicXclusive

25 FEBRUARY 2022 (STATEN ISLAND, NY) – Ladibree has today released “Like This”, the first single in a series of songs and projects that she plans to release during 2022 in partnership with MLM Entertainment/Vydia.

The release of “Like This ” follows the success of Ladibree’s most recent singles “Pop Shit” and “Born Winner, which are currently her most streamed songs to date. Off the back of performances alongside artists such as Baby Tate, Sleepy Hallow, and Doechii at the Move Forward Music Fest and most recently her debut at the famous SOBs in NYC with Major Stage, Ladibree is poised to have a great year of growth as an artist. Fun, unapologetic, and witty, ‘Like This’ is a theme song for people who are coming to or have come to the realization that there is an immense amount of power in being yourself and understanding that no one else can do you quite like you. Written by Ladibree and produced by Shadoww, the song carries a very positive and confident energy that the lyrics reinforce bar after bar and when the chorus comes in and demands the listener’s attention and participation. The Staten Island resident taps on her hometown heroes repeatedly in the song as she puts a twist on The Wu-Tang Clan’s Old Dirty Bastard’s song “Shimmy Ya” before the pre-chorus makes its appearance. Ladibree finds herself on a journey to become the best artist she can possibly be while also discovering who her true fanbase is. In the past, she has spoken about there being a time in which she felt she was too concerned with making what she thought people wanted to hear instead of creating what she felt was true to her, but now proudly speaks about how she has grown to trust herself as a songwriter and a creative. She realized that trying to be what she thought people wanted or expected of her was essentially getting her nowhere in terms of feeling fulfilled and decided that she’d earned the right to feel fulfilled by the things she did and the music she created, even if that meant that her music couldn’t resonate with everyone. In one interview she said, “As I’ve grown as a person I’ve come to learn that I’m not for everyone and that that’s okay. With that realization, I came to understand that I’ve spent a long time being extremely unfair to myself as an artist because how could I possibly expect myself to make music that’s ‘for everyone’ when I myself am not?” She believes that it is this realization along with her new approach to music that is allowing her to push boundaries and become the artist she knows she’s capable of being. Now focused on maintaining consistency and motivated to make this her best musical year yet, Ladibree is approaching her career and craft with a kind of passion and intensity that many have expressed they appreciate seeing in a young artist. In 2022, watch her push herself to new heights and become a name that cannot be omitted when discussing talented artists who are bound to break through into the mainstream and make their mark.

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